The Art of Being All @

Where can I find you at? 
Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter. Oh, Snapchat!
You know, I just mistook

your open-mouthed Ahh . . .
for a lack of connection,
assuming that’s a hard “Naa”
on having social media relations.

Wow, you must feel lonely
sometimes. I bet that’s, like,
severely hard to be
even a little psyched

when your friends get dogs.
I bet you never see
Insta-puppies! I always applaud
your type, but me,

I couldn’t do it.
I’d just get so bored
in class! I’d be a bit
weird, and awkward,

whenever my friends
and I are together;
those silences would trend
towards, like, talking or whatever.

That’s what Snapchat is for,
filling that quiet
that you just can’t ignore.
Okay, you have to let

me help those, um, instincts
of yours. With clothes.
Those shoes have been extinct
for awhile. But who knows,

pink could be back
by the fall. I’ll keep
you updated, on track,
so that you’re not knee deep

in outfit subtweets.
Poor thing! You can’t even
be subtweeted! It’s kinda sweet,
when people have a reason

to be jealous or angry
for something you have or do,
so bad they feel the need
to go and tattoo

their page with stuff
about you. It’s flattering,
but it can get rough.
I have, if you will, an un-following,

but I don’t get unfriended,
which, I’d actually prefer
to defer to a loss of a like, when
a favorite is concerned.

Speaking of favorites,
go get a Twitter.
I’m tweeting this convo. Savor it!
First known subtweet, for the girl

in yellow. Jules, right?
Oh, sorry. I’m bad with
phonetics. Alright,
Zoe, you’ve just had a whiff

of the land of popularity!
Welcome. I’d say, “Welcome, my friend,”
but you haven’t Facebooked me,
and — aww, Tash got a poodle again!

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